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Weight Loss

My sessions with Sandra were fun and a real eye opener. I enjoyed every minute and it gave me a really nice feeling. Everything seemed so simple and my weight-loss difficulties became natural and effortless. Thank you Sandra x

E, Exeter


I went to see Sandra, as I was suffering severe anxiety. I felt like it was controlling my life.

I found the hypnotherapy immensely helpful and Sandra very approachable. Not only did the hypnotherapy help but I learnt quite a bit about the subconscious mind and how it effects our lives. Very Helpful !!

S, Exeter

Panic Attacks

Fantastic treatment for Panic Attacks. Thanks Sandra !!

B, Cullompton

Phobia of Snakes

Sandra helped me overcome my phobia of snakes (had this phobia for ever and a day). 3 sessions and it's completely gone (amazing). Whole hypnotherapy experience very helpful and enlightening !! Thank you.

S, Cullompton

Weight Loss

Only had 1/2 a stone to lose but did that easily. Great results !

P, Exeter


Lost 4 stone (so pleased). Had tried so many diets over the years. This was great - 4 sessions and was fun to do (even got to pick who my surgeon was (George Clooney). Fantastic results !!

M, Cullompton


I must admit, I was dubious about the Hypnoband treatment (thought it sounded a bit gimmicky). Well, it is gimmicky but really works ! Brilliant :)

D, Exeter

Fear of Flying

My wife and myself had a planned trip to Australia. I almost pulled out. Had 3 sessions of hypnotherapy with Sandra. Fantastic, enjoyable and did the job. Had a great Hol.

K, Cullompton

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