Feeling Snappy with Stress?

As human beings our lives can sometimes feel very complicated and we sometimes look at animals and think how simple their lives seem to be. They always seem to look so contented, but are animals really that different from us?

Here is a short, light-hearted article of how an animal's behaviour could be similar to our human behaviour.

Hi, I'm Charles Crocodile.

I decided to go and have some hypnotherapy because I had been a bit snappy towards my friends and family recently. I had been feeling very stressed because my workload had increased and I found that I was worrying about it a lot. I couldn't switch off at all when I got home and I was lying awake at night thinking about it, so I hadn't been getting much sleep, which means that I felt very tired.

It really came to a head when I got a bit bitey with my wife. In fact, I nearly bit her head off over nothing... that wasn't a good move really!

I did some research about hypnotherapy and thought I would give it a go.

The two sessions of hypnotherapy I had really helped me. Hypnotherapy itself was very relaxing. I was able to mentally relax and physically relax too. The therapist guided me to a nice peaceful place while I was in hypnosis and also taught me self-hypnosis, which helps me to relax if I find myself getting stressed. I also learned that worrying causes stress because the subconscious mind reacts to a worry as though it's actually, really happening and can cause us to have physical reactions that don't feel good.

I took Control

With the help of hypnotherapy I was able to control my worrying thoughts by being aware of when they were happening and how it made me feel physically. I am now able to think about other things that give me a much better feeling.

I Feel Much Better

I was helped to realise that worrying doesn't actually change anything; In fact it can make the problem worse because it makes us less able to deal with the situation in a logical, clear-headed way. I feel much better now and instead of worrying when I finish work, I am able to relax and enjoy my evening meal.

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