Smoking Habit Out of Control

As human beings our lives can sometimes feel very complicated and we sometimes look at animals and think how simple their lives seem to be. They always seem to look so contented, but are animals really that different from us?

Here is a short, light-hearted article of how an animal's behaviour could be similar to our human behaviour.

Hi, Im Hilary Dragon.

I recently went for some hypnotherapy with Sandra because I had been smoking far too much.

I found my smoking habit had got a bit out of control and it was time to stop now, and live a healthier lifestyle.

I took Control

I had one session with Sandra and she helped me see the benefits of being a non-smoker. I had already decided that I wanted to stop smoking and the hypnotherapy session helped me to feel differently about smoking.

I Feel Much Better

I am now a happy non-smoker, and feel much better for it. I feel much healthier, I have more money in my pocket and my dragon's den is now a smoke free zone...

My Example Sessions

Find out how my animal clients got on with Hypnotherapy - in their words...


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