The Spider Who was Frightened of Humans!

"Resolved to beat your fears... then this fantastic book may help ! An intelligent, amusing look at our fears written from the point of view of a spider who is afraid of humans !!!!

Suitable for adults and children, this book is very enlightening and therapy in the medium of story telling."

The Independent on Sunday

Written by Sandra Glover, it is an entertaining read. It will capture your imagination and draw you in with beautiful illustrations throughout the book.

You can enjoy the therapeutic benefit of the story, safe in the knowledge of Sandra's Qualifications as a psychotherapist and experience in the field of fears and phobias.

Lots of people have a fear of spiders... but has anyone thought about it from the spider's point of view?

Discover how George the spider deals with his terrible fear of humans with the help of his friend, Charlie.

This paperback book, The Spider Who Was Frightened of Humans, is a story to read yourself or with your children to make you smile... but it can help children learn how to prevent or overcome a fear of spiders by thinking differently about them and seeing it from a spider's point of view.

The story is brought to life with beautiful illustrations by Duncan Scott.

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"enlightening and therapy in the medium of story telling"