What is addiction?

An addiction is something that you can’t control or have become obsessive about.

Many things can become addictive including drugs, alcohol, the internet, food, sex etc. to the extent that the addiction takes priority over family and work.

The addicted person can find himself or herself lying to their friends, family and work colleagues in an attempt to hide the addiction.

The addicted person

The addicted person can seem to completely change their personality and this can cause relationships to break down, as family members don’t feel like they know or trust the person that they live with.

It can cause people to lose their jobs as they become unreliable in the work environment or don’t turn up for work or be late for work and can cause the addicted person to lose self-respect.

How do you recognise an addiction?

An addiction can be something that you start that becomes a habit very quickly and you can soon become obsessive about it. It becomes the focus of your whole life until you are unable to control it completely.

You can recognise an addiction, if you find that work or relationships are suffering, you are becoming irritable and less caring towards the people that really matter to you, you find your health is suffering and it may affect any hobbies that you enjoyed previously.

You find that your addiction is the most important thing in your life and you find whatever you are addicted to - you are doing more regularly, just to be able to achieve what you perceive as a buzz to give you the high that you are looking for.

What causes an addiction?

Addictions can also be caused by a number of other circumstances such as behavioural factors or chemical factors.

Genetics can be a factor and evidence supports that if there is a family history of an addiction you are more likely to have an addiction also.

Background childhood issues such as abuse or neglect can be a key factor for an addicted person.

Mental heath experts believe that a person suffering from anxiety or nervousness and people unable to cope with every day life are more vulnerable to an addiction.

The pattern of addiction

Addiction follows a pattern of stages…

• Experimenting
• regular use
• increased use
• addiction

How can Hypnotherapy help with addiction?

Hypnotherapy is being used more and more often now to help to get over addictions.

The therapist can help the client to get to the route of what is causing the addiction and help the client to adopt a new positive behaviour, getting them back on track with their life and once the route cause has been found and dealt with, helping the person to focus on their goals and achieving what they want in life.

When a person can focus on what they really want to achieve in life, this will give the good feelings that people search for in life naturally.

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