Panic attacks

What are panic attacks?

Panic attacks can happen in response to a particular situation, for example claustrophobia, where people become anxious when they are in an enclosed space.

In some people, it can be something specific that triggers a panic attack, while others may experience random attacks and don't understand what causes them.

Common effects of panic attacks

Common effects of panic attacks include:

• Hot flushes

• Chills

• Shortness of breath

• Chest pain

• Chocking sensation

• Nausea

• Dizziness

Help with panic attacks

Hypnotherapy can help with panic attacks, teaching you to relax physically and mentally.

We can discuss challenging your fear and remind you that your fear will pass, as there is no real threat.

Sometimes it may be necessary to look back at your childhood to find the root cause of your panic attacks.

How much will it cost

Sessions of approximately 50 minutes for Cullompton cost £55 and for Exeter cost £60.

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