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Talking Therapy

Talking through something that's bothering you can be very therapeutic. Sometimes, you may feel that you want to talk about something that feels hard to discuss with friends or family, so going to see a therapist for Talking Therapy can be very helpful.

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Talking Therapy sessions are available by telephone, Facetime, Skype & Zoom.

How Talking Therapy can help

Talking Therapy is a way of discussing with a trained therapist about something that's bothering you and that is affecting your life.

The therapist is there to listen and help you to find your own answers to what is impacting your life.

You may find that talking and releasing those emotions is enough to feel much better, other times it maybe that the therapist works with you to teach you skills to help with those emotions.

Talking Therapy provides a range of benefits.

  • Improved mental and physical wellbeing
  • Allow you to spend more time in the present moment
  • Make more sense of your thoughts and feelings

Talking Therapy Questions Answered

How does Talking Therapy work?

Talking Therapy gives you an opportunity to tell the trained therapist about your thoughts and feelings, also about things that are causing you problems.

The therapist is there to listen and help you to find your answers to enable you to feel more relaxed and positive about your life.

How Successful is Talking Therapy?

Talking Therapy can be very successful as talking to someone who is not a relative or friend is very helpful and can be completely impartial, helping you to see a different perspective on life.

What can Talking Therapy provide help with?

Talking Therapy can be a successful treatment for many problems such as, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, grief, or anything that is emotionally affecting your life.

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Can I get free information Talking Therapy?

Yes, you can. It's really important to talk to the trained therapist so you know that you will feel comfortable discussing your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Talk Therapy sessions last?

Talk Therapy sessions normally last between 50 and 60 minutes and sessions are usually 1 week apart, which gives you enough time to reflect and be ready for your next session.

What shall I say in my first Talk Therapy session?

It's important to be honest and talk to the therapist about your thoughts and feelings and how it's affecting your life, and also to tell the therapist anything you think is relevant - no matter how small or big they seem.

If you're feeling nervous, that's fine, the therapist will be used to nervous clients, will be there to reassure you and has your best interest at heart

How many Talk Therapy session will I need?

This will depend on what you approach the therapist for help with. The number of sessions will be discussed at your first initial consaltation or chat with the therapist.