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Panic Attacks

Learn to relax mentally & physically with Hypnotherapy to help control panic attacks.

Get in touch for further advice on managing panic attacks with Hypnotherapy.

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Sessions are available by telephone, Facetime, Skype & Zoom.

How can Hypnotherapy help me to manage panic attacks?

If you are experiencing panic attacks, its always best to speak to your doctor first.

Hypnotherapy for panic attacks aims to ease the effect of the panic attack and to teach you coping methods for whenever you feel that a panic attack could be triggered.

Also, Hypnotherapy aims to help you become aware that you are safe and that no harm will come to you, and that the panic attack will pass.

Managing panic attacks with Hypnotherapy provides a range of benefits.

  • Feel more in control of feelings and emotions
  • Focus more clearly
  • Be more relaxed
  • Increased energy

My top tips for managing panic attacks

1. Deep Breathing

Practice deep breathing techniques. Deep breathing will help you feel calmer.

2. Count slowly to 10, backwards

Count slowly to 10 backwards, then imagine being in a nice, peaceful place. This will help you to physically and mentally relax.

3. Positive messages

Talking to yourself calmly, saying that you're fine and you know this will pass.

What can you expect?

1. Get in touch

We can have a chat about what you would like help with and I can explain how psychotherapy, hypnotherapy or BWRT can help.

Together, we'll decide which one will work best for you.

2. You first session

Your first session will last approximately 50 minutes and will be a mixture of talking and working with the appropriate therapy - Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, or BWRT.

I'll always give you something to take away, whether that's a relaxation recording or self-help tools that you can use or practice in between sessions...

3. Follow up

If follow up sessions are needed, we'll discuss your progress so far and then continue with the appropriate therapy.

Depending on what is being worked with, it can normally take between 1 and 4 sessions to get your desired results which will be discussed in your initial consultation

What treatment options are available?


With the help of hypnotherapy, you can be helped to improve your life and achieve your goals. Feel much better about yourself and become more relaxed and confident.


There are many types of psychotherapy that are helpful. The main ones that I use are CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Solution Focussed therapy.

Talking Therapy

Sometimes, you may feel that you want to talk about something that feels hard to discuss with friends or family, so going to see a therapist for Talking Therapy can be very helpful.