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The Food Gremlin

Many of us seem to have Food Gremlins, but why do we have them and why do they seem to appear from nowhere?

Here's a bit more about our food gremlins and why they keep popping up (uninvited)...

The Parts of Our Personality

What are the parts of our personality and how does that help The Food Gremlin?

The Parts of Our Personality...

Our personalities are made up with different parts to them and although there can be many parts, we tend to have… A serious part, A childish part and a part that is like a mediator or peacekeeper between the other two parts.

The reason we have different parts to our personalities is so we can live a balanced life. If we only had a serious part, life would be no fun at all and we would become very down.

If we only had a fun side… who knows where we would be, possibly partying all night, spending money we didn’t have, and that would be no good at all. If we only had the part that’s like a peacekeeper, we would be walked all over by anyone and everyone because we would be so eager to please.

Our Food Gremlin

Where does the food Gremlin fit into this you might wonder? The food gremlin tends to come from our childish part. “I want it and I want it now!”

When someone decides they are going on a Diet (ooh... I really don't like the 'D' word!!) it’s the serious part to our personality that decides - something like; That’s it, we’re on a diet! No cake, no biscuits, just salad, salad, salad!

Well this automatically causes our childish part to feel anxious and worried. And our peacemaker part feels anxious, maybe thinking - Oh no!! It’s all going to kick off now… and the serious part feels anxious because it’s only a matter of time before the childish part (your food gremlin) shows its ugly face.

I just give up!

And that’s exactly what happens, your serious part stays in control for a few days but becomes tired, and your childish part is seething inside and getting stronger and stronger, and after about 4 days, goes completely crazy and manifests itself as your Food Gremlin...

Eating everything in sight, eating like there is no tomorrow, and goes completely crazy, and because your gremlin has eaten a chocolate bar or packet of crisps - it's got a real taste for food now, and it decides it's going to eat the whole contents of the goodie cupboard - whether it's hungry or not.

Why does my food gremlin eat the contents of the goodie cupboard?

Well just because it can! and when it's eaten all it can get its hands on, it disappears as quickly as it appeared in the first place - leaving you feeling completely bloated and annoyed for allowing your food gremlin to take over.

When your food gremlin has got out of control, your peacemaker part becomes fed up because it’s getting no peace at all. And once your food gremlin has disappeared as fast as it surfaced, your serious part is really angry because all its hard work has been undone.

Dealing with your Food Gremlin...

Well, don't feel annoyed at your gremlin, after all, it's part of you. He or she is less likely to appear if you take a more relaxed approach to weight loss, eating healthily but giving yourself the odd break. Having the odd treat now and again could keep your food gremlin at bay.

Why diets don't work...

Does this sound like something you would say? I just can't stick to a diet, it’s like there is a part of me that just takes over, and self-sabotages!! Or, a part of me just loses control… Or, I’ve been battling with my weight for years!

Well in battles people get hurt, and sometimes battles turn in to full blown wars. Why would you want to be at war with yourself when you can be at peace with yourself?

Well that’s what happens. It’s no wonder diets don’t work!! Because the moment you mention the dreaded ‘D’ word you have given yourself anxious feelings in all of your personality parts.

Well don’t despair, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept that you are the weight you are. It just means going about it in a different way, a more relaxed way!!

How can hypnotherapy help to keep your Food Gremlin at bay...?

Hypnotherapy can help by using parts therapy to resolve any internal conflicts between the different parts of your personality.

With the outcome being... making sure that all parts are happy and in agreement with each other about your decision to lose weight

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