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The Relaxed Approach to Weight Loss

The Relaxed Approach to Weight loss… it's all about choices.

Choosing to lose weight, Deciding to lose weight, Feeling excited about losing weight.

How does The Relaxed Approach to weight loss work?

It's about swapping those demands for choices.

Swap your demands for choices...

The Relaxed Approach to weight loss is about swapping those demands for choices because when it's a chosen goal rather than a forced one, it's far easier to achieve.

I'm not saying that as human beings it's a bad thing to push ourselves, and it's important that we do because we can then make sure we reach our full potential in life.

But as far as weight loss is concerned, I think it's much better to have a relaxed approach to it, as pressured weight loss plans don't seem to get permanent results.

The Relaxed Approach

We don't often stick to A Diet (I feel uncomfortable even typing the word "Diet"), after a few days the pressure gets too much and then we eat everything in sight!

So, with The Relaxed Approach to Weight loss… it's all about choices.

  • Choosing to lose weight
  • Deciding to lose weight
  • Feeling excited about losing weight

After all, it's a positive thing isn't it...? Becoming slimmer, looking better, feeling healthier… gives a good feeling doesn't it... And as far as the ‘Diet’ word is concerned I’ll drop it now

Making your goal of being slimmer more achievable...

When you want to be slimmer the most effective way is to cover all the different angles, and that's what The Relaxed Approach to Weight Loss is all about...

In this programme I have covered weight loss from 4 different perspectives to get the best results possible, from having the right frame of mind, practical things to do to make becoming slimmer easier, more achievable food choices, and exercise.

Lose weight in a way that works for you...

Sometimes, we are in the right frame of mind and feel enthusiastic about becoming slimmer but our bodies aren't responding to the enthusiasm of our minds because the food choices are not right for us.

After a while we can get disheartened because it feels pointless and our bodies are unable to co-operate and we start to believe it's just the way we are and there's nothing we can do about it.

With the right tools, mountains are climbed...

We start to re-enforce this message with statements such as, I'm big boned or I'm like my mother - she couldn't lose weight either, and all this does is make it harder to achieve because it feels like there is a mountain to climb.

Well, with the right tools, mountains are climbed and people are proud of themselves for climbing them.

Losing weight can be easier than you think...

Losing weight can be easier than you think - if you believe it's achievable. So, I hope you are feeling a bit better now about becoming slimmer and looking forward to starting.

The Relaxed Approach to Weight loss. I have written this Programme to help you...

  • Lose weight in a fun way!
  • In a way that works for You!
How Hypnotherapy can help make it possible...

If we could just decide that we were going to adopt all of the qualities we have just highlighted then we would already be well on our way to being slimmer, healthier and fitter.

The problem we have to get over is, our subconscious mind has already learnt that if we carry on... doing what we are already doing, then our body and soul will survive forever. After all, we have survived this long so why would we change anything now? (well at least that's what our subconscious mind is thinking...)

Accepting new behaviours...

The subconscious mind is focussed on survival and if survival means eating cakes every dinner time at work then so be it. This is where hypnotherapy comes into play.

With the help of hypnotherapy, your subconscious mind can accept the new behaviours that you have now decided you want to adopt so that you can enjoy losing weight and feeling relaxed about it.

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