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Fears and Phobias - George Spider

Do you have a fear of spiders...? Well, maybe they have a fear of you!

See how George got on with his fear of humans...

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Hi, I'm George Spider.

As human beings, many of you have fears in your lives and a very common one is a fear of spiders, which I find a bit upsetting :(

It's not just children but adults too... It’s not actually the spider who does you any harm, it’s your perception and what you believe about the spider that causes your fear.

I wanted to think differently about my fear.

What if you could think differently about us spiders? What if you could see it from a spider’s point of view? Below is my story that could help you change the way you think about your fear...

A Human - in my bath...

One day, I was really relaxing and thought I would have a nice bath. I got to the bathroom and was just about to run the bath taps and there one was... in my bath!

Yes, a human sitting there, large as life and twice as ugly!! It was just looking at me, refusing to move.

Where did my fear come from?

I used to have a terrible fear of humans. I wasn’t really sure where my fear came from but I knew my mum also had a fear of humans too.

I remember on one occasion my mum came running down the stairs screaming because she had found a human behind the curtains

I Just Didn't Like Humans...

My fear was so bad that it didn’t matter if it was a big human, a little human, a human with long legs or short legs, or even one of those horrible hairy humans!

What I hated most about finding a human in my house was that I always found one when I was least expecting it.

Things had to change...

I did some research about hypnotherapy and how it can fix your fear of humans so thought I would give it a go.

How hypnotherapy helped......

I had two sessions of hypnotherapy and it really helped me. Hypnotherapy itself was very relaxing. I was able to mentally relax and physically relax too. I was guided to a nice peaceful place while I was in hypnosis and I was taught how to do self-hypnosis too, which helps me to relax if I find myself getting stressed.

I also learned that worrying thoughts cause stress because my subconscious mind reacts to a worry as though it's actually, really happening right now and causes us to have physical reactions of fear that don't feel good.

Humans are not scary at all..!

After my session with Sandra I realised that humans weren’t scary at all. They were just going about their business, like the rest of us.

I’ve decided now that the next time I see one in my home, I will say hello to it, then explain that it would be better off outside in the fresh air and I will put it outside.

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