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Weight Loss - William Toad

Do you want to lose weight with hypnotherapy?

See how William Toad got on with his weight loss hypnotherapy sessions...

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Hi, I'm William Toad.

When Freddie told me how pleased he was after hypnotherapy with Sandra, I decided to go and see her myself.

I had decided that I would like to lose some weight. I wanted to feel more in control of my eating and I felt I had some behaviours that I wanted to change.

Sandra told me that she has personal experience of losing weight with hypnotherapy herself after she lost 6 and a half stone in one year, so she obviously knows what she's talking about.

I couldn't stop eating...

- If I felt stressed, I would eat

- If I felt sad, I would eat

- If I felt happy...

I think you get the message.

I found that...

I couldn't have just one biscuit, I had to eat the whole packet. My portions were too big and I ate quickly. I refused to leave any food on my plate. (as a baby toad, I was always told to eat everything on my plate)

I made great progresss...

Sandra has helped me to be slimmer now. What I liked about working with Sandra is that it was fun and relaxed. She also explained how to change my negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Half the frog I used to be...

When I first talked about weight loss, I didn't realise then how much support I'd get from Sandra.

I like my food, so I'm not interested in fad diets, but Sandra helped me to eat healthily and if you stick with it, you're going to lose weight.

Give Sandra a call...

If you have decided to lose weight, I recommend you give Sandra a call on 07471 948630 or you can email Sandra for free advice on the get-in-touch page on Sandra's website.

Sandra's weight loss sessions (she calls it The Relaxed Approach to Weightloss) cost me £75 each in Cullompton and lasted about 50 minutes (it's available in Exeter too).

I had 4 sessions but I couldn't pay with insects, grubs or worms as she kindly explained that she can only take cash or card payments.

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